A Fresh Start

” I got an offer” proclaimed my husband 18 months ago… I had prayed for a new beginning for our family, and God delivered. Be careful what you pray for.  We tried to talk ourselves out of the move, the sought after “fresh start” even after we sold our home.   It was a whirlwind and I woke up in Rhode Island a few months after I physically got here, stared at my new walls and thought, what now? I have spent the last year trying to get used to New England, get our family settled, Dave and I convincing ourselves that we made the right decision.  I missed our life in Maryland deeply- my friends, our church, that family was so close by….At age 43, I found “my tribe” in Maryland, several sets of girlfriends that were like sisters to me, who loved and accepted me despite my flaws. Any woman my age understands what a rare and precious gift that is, women that you can trust, cry/laugh with, lifting each other up…I spent a lot of alone time in 2015. Homesick, lonely,


 That’s what I told myself over the holidays. I was dreading Christmas because it was the first one we have celebrated alone. I was so homesick, for Maryland, for Pennsylvania, for our family. But, Christmas 2015 was our best yet! It was so peaceful and the four of us really bonded in a little cocoon for a few days. Fantastic! Next on the calendar, New Years-2016..What? It can’t be. When did this happen? I am still a young adult in my head…panic set in..oh my God, I am 44 years old. I was born in 1971, and 2016 minus 1971 equals 45. I will turn 45 this year, which means my life is at least half over. Forty-five is definitely not young adult, not early 40s, it is the turning point to fifty, if we are rounding up. But then Oprah swooped in-I saw the Weight Watchers commercial with Oprah proclaiming that 2016 was going to be the year of her best body. Hmmm, inspiring. I can exercise, eat better. Maybe I could have the year of my best body with Oprah. But, I ask myself, why stop with best body? Why not best self? If not now then when?  Right now! I mean it this time! 

So here I go, on a journey to be my best self, a little bit each and everyday. I need a physical overhaul, or My best body, but I also want to spend more quality time with my guys, pray more, read the Bible, try some new hobbies like photography and sewing, make some new friends, volunteer, learn something new, enjoy and embrace every single minute that I have left. I am blogging about it because anyone that knows me understands my impulsivity, and I don’t want this to be another fleeting project. I need to be held accountable…I am building a new Me!



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