He Ate What?


Change is hard, but I am determined. My post the other day was not a manic rambling..I am attempting to become more organized, which is something that I definitely need to work on. I have been working on eating better, drinking more water and my Ningxia shots. I packed my lunch TWO days in a row, and filled my new glass water bottle with lemon water. Spiritually, I am trying to read the Bible in a year, again, which I have never finished, and quiet prayer time in the morning. A solid start…


I am working in home health, so I am in the car out and about around Rhode Island. It was 2 o’clock, my packed salad was in its box, and I was starving…Feeling very proud of myself for having my salad, now I had just enough time to sit next to the water and eat it before the boys needed picked up….Ring ring….school nurse calling! My mind races..hmmm what is it this time? Migraine? Sore legs? Injury? Nope…She was speechless, literally, didn’t even know what to say…”Ummm, you know those glucose test strip things that are used to test sour/sweet taste ability? (No) Well, they were using them in science class, and , well, Matthew swallowed it…Never has this happened, which means hundreds of students have conducted this sweet/sour test thing, and none of those kids ate the science project. Nope, Matthew is a pioneer in this department. Long story short, after hearing poison control ok’d his consumption, I spied a beautiful sight…the Golden Arches



Comfort, like a warm hug

…I LOVE fast food, all kinds, I do not play favorites. French fries and a sundae seemed like a much better option than my warm salad…plus a dollar chicken sandwich. They were so yummy and made me feel better. What did I learn from this? I don’t know….How do other adults resist the Golden Arches, especially when they have a dollar menu? How do you stick to what you packed? How do you stop those beloved bad words from coming out of your mouth? It’s so hard….This is not a setback, but an opportunity for growth…(Both for Matthew and I) Any tips are appreciated!


It can always be worse!

My boss called later and I told her about my little deliquent- she said “Thats not so bad, I got a call because my son ate a tree frog at school!” Counting my blessings??



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