Onward To Hope (Rhode Island)

A Mama’s Prayer, 2014

Dear God,

Please let us go somewhere new, so that we can have a fresh start…Matty is so tired of being “the boy with cancer”, and he can’t undo his behavior from days on chemo and steroids.  Our time with cancer as a part of our family is interfering with our boy’s ability to just be another kid at school.  I myself made lots of mistakes..there is no guide to follow, but I was exhausted, scared ,and frustrated at times…There are so many blessings, countless. We still have our son with us here on earth, skin warm and pink, laughing with his brother..But I think our time in Maryland has come to an end. If you see fit, please bring a new opportunity so we can start over…


God answered!  “New assignment…Rhode Island…Go Six Hours North!”




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